Eric M Francis [Eric M Francis]

所属学科経営学研究科 グローバリゼーション専攻
教育方法の実践例" Steps to Leading Globally " MBA in Globalization (Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business) 2010/09 - Present
Steps to Leading Globally is a course designed for business people who wish to understand and increase their influence in the global business environment. Globalization and economic uncertainty have resulted in a leadership crisis, thus creating leadership opportunities for individuals at all levels of organizations.
作成教材2010 Lecture videos for Steps to Leading Globally and the lecture materials
実務特記事項(教育)Presentations at Professional Meetings and Universities
Past examples include: Presentation on Global Communication at Asian Marketing Conference in Hainan, China, for multinational chemical manufacturer Keynote speaker on Diversity & Inclusion for global pharmaceutical sales conference in Tokyo, Japan
Instructor for English Communication skills course at Aoyama Gakuin Graduate program
資格免許情報2006.5.1 DiSC Communication Styles Certification : Assessment system used to determine communication style preferences.
Used with multinational teams and organizations.
2014.3.28 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certification : World-renowned tool for measuring psychological preferences.
Administered at corporations throughout the world.
実務特記事項(職務)Facilitation, and coaching professional : Facilitation, and coaching professional who specializes in developing leaders who excel in using communication skills. He has trained over 500 corporate teams in a wide range of industries throughout Asia-Pacific, utilizing his bilingual (Japanese and English) skills.
Prior to joining the training industry, Eric's experience includes conflict resolution between GM and Isuzu engineer design teams as well as on-site negotiations on behalf of Japanese ventures in Vietnam. He has also raised profits across regional markets as a financial analyst at IBM Asia Pacific. He currently is based in Tokyo with his wife and son, and has made Japan his home for a total of 20 years.
その他(職務)Research : Researched, localized, and launched 10 global training programs for first-time delivery in Japanese market. Ongoing research and development of professional development programs for global clientele, with focus on the following strategic areas:
“Globish” mindset and skill acquisition
Virtual communication competencies for multinational enterprises
Intercultural coaching performance proficiencies for regional executives
学術論文Eric M. Francis,"Maximizing Training Engagement in the Covid-19 Virtual Environment",2021,Business Breakthrough University Review vol.7
学歴1999/9 - 2000/12 Thunderbird School of Global Management : MBA in International Management
1990/5 - 1994/8 Brigham Young University : Bachelor of Science: Business Management, Bachelor of Arts: Japanese
職歴2004/12-present Maeser Institute Japan, Inc.
・ Trained over 500 management teams in global leadership skill development.
・ Coached Asia-Pacific executives to improve presentation delivery by average of 80 percent.
・ Launched 10 global training programs for first-time delivery in Japanese market.
2003/5-2004/11 Advanced Management Training Group
・ Generated over 56 percent revenue increase in ten months through training sales and delivery.
・ Created over 12 English/Japanese training modules used with multinational clientele.
2001/2-2003/4 IBM Asia Pacific Service Corporation/IBM Japan
・ Led Asia-Pacific finance team in achieving $13 million expense reduction in annual budget.
・ Presented financial forecasts to senior management of Japan and AP headquarters.
・ Approved Japan PC Sales Team bids through intensive cross-function negotiations.
2000/5-2000/9 General Motors Corporation
・ Produced collaboration model for integrating GM systems with Japan partners.
・ Won approval to implement global model via series of presentations to executive boards.
1996/3-1999/7 Meridian VAT Reclaim Japan, Inc.
・ Supervised team of 12 Japanese and Korean client managers in tax claim submission and resolution.
・ Reclaimed Japanese Consumption Tax on behalf of foreign firms.
1995/3-1996/3 Hakko Trade International, Inc.
・ Established processing plant in Vietnam as representative of Japanese owners.
・ Negotiated import contracts with Southeast Asian suppliers for Japanese wholesalers.
活動情報2010 to present Vice President of Far East Council, Boy Scouts of America
2006 to present President of Young Men's Organization, Tokyo 2nd Branch LDS Church