Larry Kiyohiro [Larry Kiyohiro]

所属学科経営学研究科 グローバリゼーション専攻
教育方法の実践例2010/6-present Developing programs for corporate training for the following topics: Business Strategy, Negotiation, Cross-cultural skills,
Leadership, Business communication skills, etc.
General Description: The above training programs were customized and designed for specific client needs. All text &
handouts are entitled by course name.
作成教材2013/06- Lecture videos for The Law for Global Managers and the lecture materials
資格免許情報2013-09 PRIDE (team work) Certified Facilitator, from Persona Global
2013-03 Persuasive Communicator Certified Facilitator, from Persona Global
2011-09 Global Mindset Certified Facilitator, from Thunderbird University
1987/10 Attorney at Law(US)
実務特記事項(職務)conduct English-based training for business communication skills, global leadership, legal analysis and negotiation, and critical thinking. Develop course for corporations such as Nomura, Kirni, Sony Computer Entertainment.
学歴2014/1/1 Cornell University -Certificate, (Hospitality Management: Focus on Excellence in Customer Service (online program)
1987/09 - 1988/06 Japan-America Institute of Management Science (JAIMS)-Certificate, with Honors, academic scholarship
1984/6 -1987/5 Gonzaga University School of Law, Juris Doctor
1975/9 - 1981/6 University of Hawaii, Bachelor of Arts
職歴2010/06 - present HR Insttitute, Excective Consultant
Develops and conducts English-based training for business comuunication skills, global midset, leal
analysis,negotiation, and critical thinking.
1997/4 - 2009/12 Artisan Capital Management:Principal, Portfolio Manager
Registered Investment Advisor, fully bonded and insured Managed equity and fixed income portfolios Law Office of
Laurence Kiyohiro
1997/4 - 2009/12 Perform legal work for business transactions, real estate, and estate planning for smallcompanies and individuals
1994/2 - 1997/3 First Hawaiian Bank:Portfolio Manager, Trusts & Investments Division
Equity Income Fund Manager, a large cap fund seeking high yields with convertibles Actively managed 50 discretionary
accounts totaling over US$ 250 million Consistently performed in the top quartile nationwide (independently monitored)
1988/7 - 1993/8 Kankaku Securities (restructured into Mizuho Investors Securities)
Manager, (Promoted from Assistant Manager, August 1990) International Finance Department Performed extensive
investment banking activities for cross-border financing Negotiated the terms, conditions and prospectuses for
numerous Eurobond issues, offshore mutual funds, and Offering Memorandums for structured products using options and
swaps Supervised Kankaku’s first instance as Lead Manager of a 10 billion yen Samurai bond for Shell Australia
(Awarded Certificate of Recognition) Responsible for the Co-sponsorship of the Korea Fund’s Osaka Stock Exchange
listing Regularly lectured and trained central bank employees from China, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore
活動情報2012/01 Member of Executive Coaches Roundtable
2011/01 Member of Japan HR Society
2011/01 Member of Vital Japan
2010/01 Member of American Society for Training & Development
1995/06 American Banker’s Association Instructor of the Year (Hawaii chapter)
賞罰1994 The Instructor of the Year from the American Banker's Association ( Hawaii Chapter)